Google Chrome Passes Safari in Web Browser Market Share

Article can be found here. It isn’t surprising that Google Chrome passed Safari, but it is surprising how quickly Google Chrome passed Safari. Block quote below for your convenience:

“It doesn’t look like a lot when you’re talking about a fraction of a percent, but when you consider thatlast month Chrome only had 3.93% you can see just how quickly it’s being adopted. Last month was actually Chrome‘s biggest leap since its launch, which probably has something to do with Google‘s current large-scale advertising campaign. PC World speculates that the large surge could also be due to the Mac and Linux Chrome Beta releases last month.”

Expect market share to grow for GOOG, with a big surge coming once the Google Netbook is released in Q4 2010. Google Chrome is streamlined to work with Google Apps, so it stands to reason that increase in market share can/will result in an absolute return in their bottom line. The market sentiment portion of the GOOG writeup will be available later today.


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