Google Chrome Operating System

The Google Chrome Operating System (Chrome OS) is going to be a very interesting addition to the computer market. There’s a nice feature on it at Tech-On that can be located here. Google is adamant that Chrome OS is not going to be a competitor to Windows – high powered computers will remain connected with Microsoft’s operating system – but Netbooks (minimalist laptops designed to access the internet and run basic computing processes) are clearly in mind for Google.

While none of this is groundbreaking, there is a very interesting quote embedded in the second page of the article. I will block it out below for your ease:

“The [user] data is also stored on a Web server operated by Google. This system also allows Google to implement new services as well. For example, when users purchase a new Chrome OS-equipped netbook, they can download their data from the server.”

Chrome OS is going to be a major step towards cloud-computing. Files will be saved on the computer and the internet simultaneously, meaning that computers become interchangeable while Chrome OS remains the constant. This starts to sound a lot like the desktop market in the early-mid 1990s, when the entire market shifted from “Who built your computer?” to “What operating system does your computer have?” That worked out well for Microsoft, didn’t it?


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